Administrative Council

University Registrar

Ma. Teresa U. Bejar, BSC

Chief Accountant

Janice S. Sergio, BSA

Senior Legal Counsel

Renato S. Rondez, AB, LIB, LLM

In House Legal Counsel

Rojane M. Puruel, AB, LIB, LLM

Chief Librarian

Beverly B. Chapichap, BSEd, MLIS

Director, Office of the Quality Assurance

Elizabeth S. Salapong, BSC, MBA

Director, Human Resource Development Office

Michael Alexander B. Salvosa, BSC

Director, Research and Innovation Office

Nathaniel A. Lubrica, BSCE, MAEHP

Director, Software Development and ICT Infrastructure Office

Junard B. Leckias, BSIT

Director, Alumni Affairs Office

Judy Ann C. Miguel, AB, MA

Director, Facilities Management Office /
Buildings & Maintenance Office

Roselyn M. Gama, BSICS, MBA

Head, Guidance and Counseling Office

Faith M. Grothkopf, BSPysch, MSPysch, MSGC

Head, Center for Sports Development Office

Danilo L. Cong-o, BS PEHM, MAEd, PhD

Head, Student Development Office

Ruel A. Costina, BSPysch

Head, Student Welfare Office

Jennifer P. Malayo, BSPysch

Head, Medical and Dental Clinic

Proserfina R. Ruiz, BSBio, MD

OIC-Head, Logistics Management Office

Cheralyn E. Gacusan, BSBA

Treasury Officer

Sharlyn M. Nahiwan, BSFMA


Jeffrey P. Remiendo, BSA, MBA

Accounting Supervisor

Johnny B. Gaengan Jr., BSA, MBA

Database Administrator

John Carlo N. Boleyley, BSIT

Senior Programmer

Timothy C. Rice Jr., BSIT, MIT

Prefect of Discipline

Engel M. Sabado, ABMC

Quality Assurance Officer

Christy Mae E. Bambao, BSEd

Executive Secretary /
Manager, Executive Services

Victoria B. Molina, BSC

Executive Assistant to the Dean, College of Law

Rane D. Ramos, BSC, LIB

Administrative Events


Administrative Photos