Alumni Affairs Office

The Baguio Colleges Foundation Alumni Association can trace its origin to the first graduating class. The Baguio Colleges as it was earlier known was established initially offering courses with the Bureau of Commerce, Department of Agriculture and Commerce under the Philippine Commonwealth on June 24, 1946. The first batch of enrolees started with 156 students. Classes were then held in the Antipolo Bldg. (formerly Donida Hotel) and later transferred to Lopez Bldg, which up to this day still stand in the same location along Session Road.

The Board of Trustees that laid down the school policies was composed of Atty. Benjamin Salvosa as the founder and president, Rosendo V. Donida as the chairman, and Adriana V. Tapia as the Comptroller and Fernando Bautista as the first Registrar.

The initial tution fee was P 4.20 per unit and teachers' salaries ranged from P 200- P 250. 00 a month per teaching load of 20 hours a week. However, the Department of Instruction and Bureau of Private Schools prescribed the teachers' rate at P 5.00 per unit hour.

Although only one graduated in the SY 1946-1947, the next school year produced a total of 76 graduates; eighteen of them finished the Associate in Arts (A.A.). By 1953, the first batch conferred with Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) degree consisted of nine graduates.

In those early days the BCF Alumni Association was mainly a social group with interests centered on the affairs of the College.

As the Association grew it eventually obtained an office and the Alumni Association was formed to better serve the particular concerns of the graduates. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to serve and to establish beneficial relationships between the Baguio Colleges Foundation and its alumni, to advance public higher education and the interests of students and to promote the ideals of the founder Atty. Benjamin and Evangelina Salvosa

As the primary campus-wide alumni relations organization responsible for building a broad alumni community that supports the University and the community. The alumni affairs Office will strengthen the relationship of UC to its alumni by focusing on the following objectives.

UC Alumni Affairs office mission is to advance and promote the interests of the University of the Cordilleras by connecting UC alumni with each other and our alma mater as it works closely with the UCBCF Alumni Association. Together with our campus partners, we will inform, involve and inspire all alumni to support the University and its effort to impact the community.