Procedure for Admission Application

April 06, 2015


  1. Download the Student Admission Application Form (SAAF) from the UC website or secure a copy from the UC Office or Student Affairs and Services or the UC Guidance Center.
  2. Fill-up the form and submit this to the admissions officer at the UC Guidance Office. Applications for Admission is on-going.
  3. After processing your application (or conducting examinations, whenever applied), the admission officer will issue the Admission Endorsement Slip. Keep this slip at all times for reference.
  4. Present the Admission Endorsement Slip, together with the other enrollment requirements, to the College Adviser (where you will enroll) for enrollment.


  1. Download the electronic Student Admission Application Form (SAAF) in pdf file here, open the file and enter all data as required.
  2. "Save as" your file with a new filename.
  3. Send as an attachment via email the completed and saved pdf file to .
  4. Your email will be acknowledged as soon as the UC admissions officer receives it. Email applications will be acknowledged.
  5. After processing, the admissions officer will send you an email containing the Admission Endorsement Slip and instructions for you.
  6. Print the email and the Endorsement Slip when you come to UC to enroll during the enrollment schedule.
  7. Present the Admission Endorsement Slip, together with the other enrollment requirements, to the College Adviser (where you will enroll) for enrollment.

Admission Guidelines:

  1. Admission process is for incoming new students only (freshmen and transferees).
  2. Temporary admission is administered by the admissions officer of the UC Office of Student Affairs and Services, after duly accomplishing the UC Student Admission Application Form (SAAF).
  3. The Admission Endorsement Slip serves as your temporary admission, and to be kept as your personal reference.
  4. Admission to UC is only deemed final after student has been admitted by the respective College Dean, has submitted all admission requirements, and has duly enrolled and is issued the signed registration form.
  5. All admitted students are subject to the UC re-admission policies.

Download the Student Admission Application Form (SAAF)

Processing of admission applications is ongoing | Walk-in Applications are now accepted

*if applications cannot be opened click download Acrobat Reader and install.

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