Green Is In! 2012 Photos and Highlights

December 17, 2012

Summary of Winners

Cheer and Dance Competition
Champion1st Runner-up2nd Runner-up
College of
Hospitality & Tourism Management
College of
Teacher Education
College of

LITMUS Competitions
Math & Science - Academic QuizCTE CITCS
General Information & Current Events - Academic QuizCASCONCITCS
Spelling - Academic QuizCASCITCSCOA
Oration - Literary CompetitionsCASCHTMCCJE
Extemporaneous Speaking - Literary CompetitionsCEACTECBA
Poetry Interpretation - Literary CompetitionsCOACTECHTM
Story Telling - Literary CompetitionsCTECBACOA
Vocal Solo - Literary CompetitionsCBACONCHTM
Vocal Duet - Musical & Dance CompetitionsCASCONCTE
Songwriting Competition - Musical & Dance CompetitionsCASCITCSCTE
Duo Dance - Musical & Dance CompetitionsCOACTECBA
Creative Group Dance - Musical & Dance CompetitionsCBACHTMCITCS
Photo Contest (B&W) - Visual and Media Arts CompetitionCEACBACAS
Photo Contest (UC in HS) - Visual and Media Arts CompetitionCASCBACTE
Poster Making Contest - Visual and Media Arts CompetitionCEACTECON
Short Docu Feature Video - Visual and Media Arts CompetitionCASCTECOA
Inter Collegiate Debate ChampionshipCOACCJECOA
    Point System for Over-all LITMUS
    Gold5 Points10 Points
    Silver3 Points6 Points
    Bronze1 Points2 Points
    Summary of Points per College

Event Photos

Mr & Ms UC 2012 Coronation Night

  • Mr. Friendship: Mr CTE, Zeus Tumada
  • Ms. Friendship: Ms CEA, Rina Ranches
  • Mr. FashionAbility Top Model:
    Mr CCJE, Justin Ganga
  • Ms. FashionAbility Top Model:
    Ms CHTM, Margz Martnez
  • Mr. FB Favorite: Mr COA, Ardee Soriano
  • Ms. FB Favorite: Ms COA, Wana Atraje

GLOBE TxTConnect Winners:
  • 3rd Male: Mr CEA, Raul Tabay
  • 3rd Female: Ms CITCS, Angel Parrocha
  • 2nd Male: Mr CON, Kurt Hafalla
  • 2nd Female: Ms CBA, Rio Dumaguing
  • Mr Globe: Mr CBA, Lads Chungalao
  • Ms Globe: Ms CTE, Kleng Alvarado

  • Mr Talent: Mr CTE, Zeus Tumada
  • Ms Talent: Ms CBA, Rio Dumaguing
  • Mr Photogenic: Mr CHTM, Guion Antonio
  • Ms Photogenic: Ms CHTM, Margz Martinez

  • Best in Production Wear (Male):
    Mr CBA, Lads Chungalao
  • Best in Production Wear (Female):
    Ms CHTM, Margz Martinez
  • Best in Sporty Wear (Male):
    Mr CBA, Lads Chungalao
  • Best in Sporty Wear (Female):
    Ms CHTM, Margz Martinez
  • Best in Formal Wear (Male):
    Mr CHTM, Guion Antonio
  • Best in Formal Wear (Female):
    Ms CBA, Rio Dumaguing

  • Mr UC 2nd Runner Up: Mr COA, Ardee Soriano
  • Ms UC 2nd Runner Up: Ms CHTM, Margz Martinez
  • Mr UC 1st Runner Up: Mr CHTM, Guion Antonio
  • Ms UC 1st Runner Up: Ms CTE, Kleng Alvarado
  • Mr UC 2012: Mr CBA, Lads Chungalao
  • Ms UC 2012: Ms CBA, Rio Dumaguing

Board of Judges:

  • Ms. Marie Rose Fongwan-Kepes
  • Ms. Rebecca Tamaken
  • Mr. Nilo Cruz Mr. Rocky Caballero
  • Ms. Claire Prudencio
  • Engr. Edith Canseco-Dirige
  • Mr. Art Tibaldo
  • LtCol. Jose Demar Pauly
  • Ms. Sonia Aplosen-Daoas

Event Photos

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April 07, 2014

Graduating Students Batch 2014

April 05, 2014

UC CTE partners with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

CTE qualified as an implementer of the GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN CULTURAL EDUCATION, a scholarship program of the NCCA, in cooperation with the Department of Education. This is a two-summer post-baccalaureate in-service enhancement program, divided into Level I (12 units for the first summer) and Level II (12 units for the second summer). Level I which is offered in Summer 2014, April 21 - May 17, 2014, offers four (4) foundation courses to enhance the participants' understanding of the basic theories, processes and applications of arts, culture, and heritage in the culture-based teaching of the Basic Education curriculum.

April 05, 2014

Certification Program in Preschool Education

This is a 9-unit program which is intended for teachers already in the field who wish to qualify for Preschool Education teaching as mandated by DepEd. This is also open to graduates of Teacher Education and to students currently enrolled who wish to take additional courses to qualify for teaching in Preschool.