Green Is In! 2012 Photos and Highlights

December 17, 2012

Summary of Winners

Cheer and Dance Competition
Champion1st Runner-up2nd Runner-up
College of
Hospitality & Tourism Management
College of
Teacher Education
College of

LITMUS Competitions
Math & Science - Academic QuizCTE CITCS
General Information & Current Events - Academic QuizCASCONCITCS
Spelling - Academic QuizCASCITCSCOA
Oration - Literary CompetitionsCASCHTMCCJE
Extemporaneous Speaking - Literary CompetitionsCEACTECBA
Poetry Interpretation - Literary CompetitionsCOACTECHTM
Story Telling - Literary CompetitionsCTECBACOA
Vocal Solo - Literary CompetitionsCBACONCHTM
Vocal Duet - Musical & Dance CompetitionsCASCONCTE
Songwriting Competition - Musical & Dance CompetitionsCASCITCSCTE
Duo Dance - Musical & Dance CompetitionsCOACTECBA
Creative Group Dance - Musical & Dance CompetitionsCBACHTMCITCS
Photo Contest (B&W) - Visual and Media Arts CompetitionCEACBACAS
Photo Contest (UC in HS) - Visual and Media Arts CompetitionCASCBACTE
Poster Making Contest - Visual and Media Arts CompetitionCEACTECON
Short Docu Feature Video - Visual and Media Arts CompetitionCASCTECOA
Inter Collegiate Debate ChampionshipCOACCJECOA
    Point System for Over-all LITMUS
    Gold5 Points10 Points
    Silver3 Points6 Points
    Bronze1 Points2 Points
    Summary of Points per College

Event Photos

Mr & Ms UC 2012 Coronation Night

  • Mr. Friendship: Mr CTE, Zeus Tumada
  • Ms. Friendship: Ms CEA, Rina Ranches
  • Mr. FashionAbility Top Model:
    Mr CCJE, Justin Ganga
  • Ms. FashionAbility Top Model:
    Ms CHTM, Margz Martnez
  • Mr. FB Favorite: Mr COA, Ardee Soriano
  • Ms. FB Favorite: Ms COA, Wana Atraje

GLOBE TxTConnect Winners:
  • 3rd Male: Mr CEA, Raul Tabay
  • 3rd Female: Ms CITCS, Angel Parrocha
  • 2nd Male: Mr CON, Kurt Hafalla
  • 2nd Female: Ms CBA, Rio Dumaguing
  • Mr Globe: Mr CBA, Lads Chungalao
  • Ms Globe: Ms CTE, Kleng Alvarado

  • Mr Talent: Mr CTE, Zeus Tumada
  • Ms Talent: Ms CBA, Rio Dumaguing
  • Mr Photogenic: Mr CHTM, Guion Antonio
  • Ms Photogenic: Ms CHTM, Margz Martinez

  • Best in Production Wear (Male):
    Mr CBA, Lads Chungalao
  • Best in Production Wear (Female):
    Ms CHTM, Margz Martinez
  • Best in Sporty Wear (Male):
    Mr CBA, Lads Chungalao
  • Best in Sporty Wear (Female):
    Ms CHTM, Margz Martinez
  • Best in Formal Wear (Male):
    Mr CHTM, Guion Antonio
  • Best in Formal Wear (Female):
    Ms CBA, Rio Dumaguing

  • Mr UC 2nd Runner Up: Mr COA, Ardee Soriano
  • Ms UC 2nd Runner Up: Ms CHTM, Margz Martinez
  • Mr UC 1st Runner Up: Mr CHTM, Guion Antonio
  • Ms UC 1st Runner Up: Ms CTE, Kleng Alvarado
  • Mr UC 2012: Mr CBA, Lads Chungalao
  • Ms UC 2012: Ms CBA, Rio Dumaguing

Board of Judges:

  • Ms. Marie Rose Fongwan-Kepes
  • Ms. Rebecca Tamaken
  • Mr. Nilo Cruz Mr. Rocky Caballero
  • Ms. Claire Prudencio
  • Engr. Edith Canseco-Dirige
  • Mr. Art Tibaldo
  • LtCol. Jose Demar Pauly
  • Ms. Sonia Aplosen-Daoas

Event Photos

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