The Roster of New UC Lawyers

March 09, 2012


National Passing Rate: 31.95%

Exams Conducted: November 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2011
Results Released: February 29, 2012

  • Atty. Dowelson M. Abalos
  • Atty. Alem-eman Chisum L. Abeya
  • Atty. Romeo L. Aguilar Jr.
  • Atty. Marah B. Alagon
  • Atty. Lemwel L. Alapit
  • Atty. Richard P. Aquisio
  • Atty. Jason B. Baban
  • Atty. Cora Leah R. Baccay
  • Atty. Gat Anthony S. Bagbagen
  • Atty. Jesus D. Balmores
  • Atty. Valeriano M. Banggolay Jr.
  • Atty. Sherwin G. Battung
  • Atty. Jayferson M. Bitao
  • Atty. Carlo Oscar P. Boacon
  • Atty. Aileen S. Bugnosen
  • Atty. Precious M. Cabradilla
  • Atty. Randy F. Castilan
  • Atty. Ana Cristina N. Cawed
  • Atty. Edward F. Chumawar Jr.
  • Atty. Jerry M. Daping
  • Atty. Corazon Regina E. delos Santos
  • Atty. Melanie M. Domino
  • Atty. Joecle R. Dongla
  • Atty. Mark Anthony P. Dumalan
  • Atty. Roda Raizza V. Garcia
  • Atty. Joseph R. Gonzaga
  • Atty. Sacrament S. Gumilab
  • Atty. Romelyn A. Kimayong
  • Atty. Augustin P. Laban III
  • Atty. Maria Andrea C. Lagundi
  • Atty. Charles Bronson B. Lang-ayan
  • Atty. Jan Karlo S. Lopez
  • Atty. Maribel B. Macario
  • Atty. Meshack C. Macwes
  • Atty. Rizzabel A. Madangeng
  • Atty. Imelda C. Manipon-Gabriel
  • Atty. Victor Manuel F. Morales
  • Atty. Julie Ethel Marie A. Nicer
  • Atty. Nova B. Ollaging
  • Atty. Julie Karen U. Paganaje
  • Atty. Elena Maye S. Quitola
  • Atty. Jules Carlson B. Sagayo
  • Atty. Rodolfo B. Santiago
  • Atty. Lurieta T. Sawate
  • Atty. Lerma M. Sumaoang
  • Atty. Aseria C. Turiao
  • Atty. Chanda D. Usita
List of 2011 Bar Exam Passers

List of UC Bar Passers

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July 26, 2017

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July 22, 2017

Attention UC Graduates and Alumni:

Grab this opportunity to start your career here and now! OSAS Student Welfare Unit, in cooperation with PESO and DOLE, will conduct a Job Fair exclusively for UC graduating students and alumni on July 31, 2017 at the UC Theater.