UC-SHS Sections & Room Assignments for SY 2017-18

July 28, 2017

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management)

GAS (General Academic Strand)

HUMMS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Home Economics - Housekeeping

Home Economics - Tour Guiding

ICT - Contact Center Services

ICT - Animation

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March 21, 2018

Enrollment for Incoming Grade 11 and 12 students will start on April 18, 2018!
We advise everyone who have reserved their slots to enroll within the validity period of your reservations.

March 07, 2018

Grade 12 students, are you ready for college?
Reservation for Incoming College Freshmen (SY 18-19) will start on March 12, 2018!