UC champion now training for 8th Sanda World Cup

September 18, 2016

Wushu champion Divine Wally of the University of the Cordilleras is not taking a break from training, as she is set to make a record when she competes in the 8th Sanda World Cup in China in November.

Wally, who won gold in the female's 48 kilograms category of the 9th Asian Wushu Championship in Taiwan, will take her training seriously even if the fighters she will face in the world cup are her previous opponents.

The 19-year-old fighter from Baguio is the only gold medalist among more than 10 members of the Philippine Wushu Team who competed in sanda and taulo events in Taiwan recently.

The fighter, who traces her roots in Sadanga, Mountain Province, is expected to face previous opponents namely Ranjan Devi Laishram of India, Bokyeong Byeon of South Korea, and Luan Thi Hoang of Vietnam in the semi-finals if she enters the quarterfinals.

The three foreign fighters are the top contenders for the world wushu events in the female 48 kgs.

Members of the Philippine Wushu Team are now back at the Rizal Sports Memorial Complex for training. They have a slim chance of training in China although they trained in China for two months before the 9th Asian Wushu Championship where they won one gold, one silver, and four bronze medals for sanda and taulo.

Wally will go down in history as the first member of the Philippine Wushu Team if she wins gold in the 8th Sanda World Cup.

She is the first female member of the Philippine Team to win the elusive gold in the 13th World Wushu Championship in Jakarta, Indonesia in Nov. 18, 2015.

No other member of the Philippine Wushu Team won gold in the World Wushu Championship and Sanda World Cup.

Aside from Wally, Benjie Rivera of Kibungan, Benguet and Jean Claude Saclag of Lubuagan, Kalinga - won gold in World Wushu Championship and Sanda World Cup, respectively.

Saclag remains a strong contender while Rivera opted to pursue his education at the UC while teaching upcoming wushu athletes.

Published in the Baguio Midland Courier issued September 18, 2016 | Article by Harley F. Palangchao

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