Enrolment Schedule: 3rd Term SY 2011-2012

December 16, 2011

January 10 - 17, 2012

January 10 - 12, 2012

CollegeAdmission AreasEncoding Areas
COAS220, S221M307
CBAM202, M207, S234, S236M306
CHTMM508, M507, M506, M505M305
CITCSS223, S225, S226, S229M304

January 13 - 16, 2012

CollegeAdmission AreasEncoding Areas
CASS220, S221, S226, S229M307
CCJES230, S234M305
CEAS218, S113M304
CTES223, S225, S230, S236M306
GSGraduate School Office (N8005)M307

January 17, 2012

  • All Colleges (Except College of Law (COL) & College of Nursing (CON))

Procedure for Enrolment

  • Student proceeds to Admission Rooms for advising of subjects to enrol by ADVISER A, who will approve and sign admission form and preliminary form.
  • Student proceeds to the Gymnasium (waiting area) to wait for their turn for encoding. This may be skipped if there will be shorter lines.
  • Student proceeds for Encoding Areas for encoding of subjects by ADVISER B, who will assist student in finding alternative schedules if the subject is closed. ADVISER B signs preliminary form after encoding.
  • Student proceeds to the Theater for the following (in this specific order)
    • Payment: show signed preliminary form to the cashier.
    • Photo taking and issuance of ID: show receipt and preliminary form to photo center.
    • Printing of registration form: submit preliminary form and show ID to Registrar's staff.
    • Registration of RF ID: show ID to Library staff.
  • Student is already enrolled when registration form and RF ID is received. It is important that registration forms are kept as proof of enrolment.

Classes Start : January 18, 2012

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March 21, 2018

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March 07, 2018

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