Batch 2012 Graduation Pictorials and Yearbook Subscription Procedures

April 17, 2012

    • Photo Package for Php. 600.00 inclusive of the following (ALL candidates for graduation for SY 2011-2012 may avail of the Photo Package but only those in the final roster of graduates will be included in the yearbook):
      • Four (4) poses in Toga, select one
      • Four (4) poses in formal (corporate) attire, select one
      • One (1) pose in formal (passport requirement) attire
      • Free hair and make-up services
      • Print Package for EACH subscriber as follows:
        • 1 pc - 6" x 8" colored Toga pic with glass to glass frame
        • 1 pc - 4" x 6" colored Formal pic
        • 2 pcs - 2" x 3" colored Toga pic
        • 2 pcs - 2" x 3" colored Formal pic
        • 4 pcs - 1" x 1" colored Formal pic
        • 6 pcs - 2" x 2" colored Formal pic
        • 6 pcs - standard passport pic
      • An electronic copy of the selected pose in toga and formal.
      • All subscribers with defective photographs will be given free retakes
    • Yearbook Subscription-P2,900.00 (ALL candidates for graduation may already pay for subscription. But if a student will not be included in the final roster of graduates, keep the receipt so that payment will be credited to a subscription for next year's yearbook).

  2. Process
    • Step 1
      Payment (Php. 600.00 for Photo Package only and Php. 3,500.00 for complete package) at the UC cashier. ONLY THOSE WHO WILL PAY THE COMPLETE PACKAGE UNTIL MAY 9, 2012 CAN HAVE A RESERVED COPY OF THE YEARBOOK. Others can only buy and claim copies only if there will be available supply.
    • Step 2
      Secure and properly fill-up Alumni Information and Yearbook Subscription Form available at your colleges, at the Corporate Communications Office (N7008), and at the Office of Student Affairs and Services or
      click & print Subscription Form.
    • Step 3
      Present Receipt and submit Alumni Information and Yearbook Subscription Form to the makeshift Photo Studio located at Room G401 (PE Building located at the right side of the UC Gymnasium).

  3. Schedule of Photo Shoot
    • College of Nursing
      College of LAW
      March 26-28, 2012
      Graduate School
      College of Engineering and Architecture
      College of Criminal Justice Education
      March 29-31, 2012
      College of Arts and SciencesApril 10, 2012
      College of Business AdministrationApril 11-12, 2012
      College of AccountancyApril 12-14, 2012
      College Faculty Group PictorialsApril 14, 2012
      College of Teacher EducationApril 16-17, 2012
      College of Hospitality and Tourism Management*see below for update
      College of Information Technology and Computer Science *see below for update

      * Photoshoot will end this Thursday (April 19, 2012). For CITCS and other graduating students who have not had their photoshoot yet, pictorials will resume on May 3-5 and May 7-9, 2012.

      Reminder : Reservation of the yearbook will only be up to May 9, 2012.

  4. Photo Shoot Guidelines and Reminders
    • Come early to avoid long queues. Attend the photo shoot without make-up or moisturizer on your face, neither should you apply hair styling gel, conditioner or oil on your hair.
    • All accessories and jewelries, such as earrings and necklaces, will be removed during the photo shoot to keep the formality of the shots. Facial hair on men must be removed before going to the studio.
    • Togas and hoods will be provided during the shoot; and while there will be available, shirts, coats, ties, and blouses, it is still advised that you bring your own outfit for hygienic purposes.
      • Gentlemen, bring white or light-colored polo shirt with dark coat and tie, and also a dark-colored polo shirt (black, dark blue or maroon) for the passport picture.
      • Ladies, bring a tube top (for toga shot), a collared blouse with coat (for formal corporate wear), and a dark-colored blouse (black, dark blue or maroon) for the passport picture.
    • Each student will be given the privilege to choose one shot from the four (4) poses in toga, four (4) poses in formal (corporate) attire. The selected photo cannot be changed unless there is a defect in the photograph.
    • Additional reprints (beyond the items in the photo package) or upgraded packages may be ordered, but shall be paid in full during the photo sessions.
    • The photo package, including additional reprints if any, shall be available for claiming at the UC Alumni Affairs Office by August 2012.

  5. Yearbook Guidelines
    • Only official graduates for SY 2011-2012 will be included in the yearbook based on the final roster of graduates issued by the UC Registrar.
    • Candidates who had their photos taken but failed to be included in the final roster of graduates may still claim their photo packages on the prescribed delivery date. Said photos can be used for the next yearbook when the candidate finally graduates and if the candidate opts not to retake photo. Subscription payment will be credited to the next year's yearbook at no additional cost.

Forward your inquiries and concerns at the Corporate Communications Office, 7th Floor, Room 7008, EDS Building.
Call us at (074)-442-3316 local 185, or e-mail us at

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