UC Events

March 07, 2016

"Cultivating the Culture of Champions"

March 07, 2016

"Cultivating the Culture of Champions"

March 03, 2016

Listen to "An Open Door" co-producer Dr. Sharon Delmendo retell the story of how the Philippines stood as a safe haven to around 1,300 Jews who fled from Nazi Germany. A story of "a deep friendship borne of common adversity and intense love for freedom."

February 18, 2016

Featuring footage from the battle in Corregidor with eyewitness accounts from surviving Filipino and American soldiers, "Corregidor: The Road Back" details the capture and consequent reclamation of this iconic WWII landmark by the Americans from Japanese forces.

January 07, 2016

University of the Cordilleras (UC)
in partnership with
Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ)

Theme: "Intensifying Collaborative Business World through Research, Education and Practice"

December 02, 2015

Theme: The Filipino reader in the era of ASEAN integration