"Walang Batang Bobo"

July 07, 2017

UC Teacher Education Graduates are Trained to Apply Compassionate Teaching Tools To Boost Under-Performing Students

Grade 1 pupil "Sarah" could only make mimicking sounds of specific consonants when reading words. This duly affected her performance in school as she could not read long sentences. Students like "Sarah" tend to be shunted aside and forgotten as the class relentlessly marches forward with those who can keep pace.

Be that as it may, however, --- we should never lose focus on the Teacher's primary mission to enable students like "Sarah," to overcome their early learning hindrances.

At the UC College of Teacher Education (UC-CTE), the curriculum is pro-actively enriched with learning methods found effective by the Department of Education; --- so that UC-CTE students, prior to graduation, may apply them in their practice teaching, inside a classroom.

UC-CTE student teachers are thus exposed, hands-on to: --- collaborative and interactive teaching; to inquiry and project-based learning; and to integrative and interdisciplinary approaches; --- as developed & practiced by Silid Aralan Inc (SAI); a non-profit organization that helps academically-challenged children nationwide.

To apply these tools in the field, UC-CTE & Dep-Ed selected the Camp 7 Elementary School to be a recipient of the "Teach to REACH" program in 2016. The initial assessment thereon indicated that the Grade 1 pupils of this school were at reading levels way below the average level for their age, including "Sarah."

Shortly thereafter, UC student teachers executed a series of intensive supplemental remedial classes for these pupils onsite, every weekend for four (4) consecutive months - applying the duly developed SAInc teaching technologies.

The participative interaction between the teachers and pupils in this program, resulted in tangible progress in the students' reading capabilities. In four months, pupils at the alphabet reading level advanced to the status of sound readers; pupils from combined sound readers became word-familiar readers and some have progressed to the average-level reader status. Thus, 73 of 75 pupils or 97.33% of the class, duly advanced to higher levels of reading proficiency. Simultaneously and significantly, the overall academic performance of the 73 pupils rose dramatically. (Two pupils did not advance as they had dropped out of school at the time.)

"Sarah," who acquired a passion for reading by using these new reading techniques, --- has blossomed from a student who could only mimic sounds to that of an eager learner who appreciates & savors the joys & blessings of full reading comprehension. Today, consequently, by being empowered to overcome her reading impediment, "Sarah" is an Honor Student of the class.

"Walang Batang Bobo." Think about it. The revolutionary new world that a Teacher could conquer with this Teaching Philosophy, this Outlook and Attitude; --- duly equipped furthermore, with the corresponding and appropriate Teaching Technique in his or her Teaching Toolkit.

"Sarah's" case is living proof that all children, when exposed to appropriate & tested teaching methods, --- can overcome their early learning difficulties to take their rightful place in the world of the academe.

To Leave No Child Behind.

This is the Trajectory and the Path that we lay out for our UC Teacher Education Graduates.


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