The Formation of Teachers: The UC CTE Mentoring Program

June 10, 2018

Leaving No Stone Unturned in Pursuit of its Enduring Mission:
- The Formation of Teachers -
the UC College of Teacher Education (UC CTE) extends & dispenses
Individualized Mentoring of CTE Students Beyond the Classroom, Beyond the
Graded Environment & Beyond the Prescribed Curriculum

The expectation is that when the subject students, --- in turn & in their own time, --- become teachers themselves, they will likewise apply the same formation intervention program to their own students & classes. This is the classic "Pay It Forward" mission propagation chain.

Students find the experience moving & "transformational"; when Teachers, beyond the call of duty, --- find the time & apply the effort to continue to mentor their students; outside the obligatory formal class format.

  1. The following are the aims of such a mentoring program:
  2. To provide a one-on-one, "learning-friendly" environment.
  3. To offer counseling referrals & individual assessment services for academic and other educational needs.
  4. To boost competencies & self-confidence.
  5. To encourage the design of an individual study plan that custom-fits specific learning patterns or styles.
  6. To stimulate social communication & collegiality skills; & bolster the individual's facility for self-expression.

UC CTE students are paired with faculty members aligned to their discipline. The college's 24 faculty members serve as mentors to 20-30 students each across nine disciplines namely, Elementary Education (General), Physical Education, Special Education, English, Filipino, MAPEH, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

In this one-on-one setting, the mature, pragmatic & duly tried-&-tested insights of veteran UC CTE faculty members are brought to bear directly in clear terms upon UC CTE students, to reinforce & bolster their already formidable knowledge of teaching principles.

That UC CTE Faculty Members have signed on without hesitation to this intervention program without additional compensation, --- speaks of their deep-seated commitment to lay the ground work for the building blocks that form the student's character, direction & destiny as teachers.

Students know & duly recognize that the best teachers are those who lead by example. They recognize that, --- "To give without counting the cost"; --- is the noblest character trait a teacher can internalize & duly apply. A mentoring program that establishes this foundation is an indispensable bond linking teachers with learners; --- & vital to the personal & professional growth of students.

Since the introduction of the aforementioned mentoring program, an 80% decrease in the college's attrition rate was recorded & duly established. Thus, during the UC CTE's recent formal accreditation survey & visit, the program received positive feedback from PAASCU (the Philippine Accrediting Association of School, Colleges and Universities); the country's pioneer academic & institutional assessor.

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