Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System

The BSAIS is a program that prepares students for a career in the accounting and finance divisions of organizations in the private and public sectors. The accounting courses in the BSAcT program, combined with business management courses, equip students with the needed skills, proficiency, and intellectual abilities to lead successful careers. All four major sectors of accountancy, namely public practice, commerce and industry, government, and education, need support staff who will work as bookkeepers, financial analysts, audit staff, inventory control accountants, general ledger accountants, receivables accountants, payables accountants, and other functions where the CPA credential is not required. The BSAcT graduate could adequately respond to this need.

The BSAcT program of the University of the Cordilleras has a curriculum spread over nine terms or three calendar years. This feature enables the student to obtain the BSAcT degree one year earlier than in most schools, and allows the student to save precious time and financial resources.

The program's strong finance element also opens up career opportunities in non-accounting related aspects of commerce, banking and other financial institutions. In addition, the BSAcT graduate can be employed in the highly lucrative Business Process Outsourcing industry, rendering financial and accounting services.

BSAcT is a non-Board program. The BSAcT student if qualified, may pursue the 4-year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program and be eligible to take the licensure examination for Certified Public Accountant.

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