The Roster of New UC Lawyers

March 09, 2012


National Passing Rate: 31.95%

Exams Conducted: November 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2011
Results Released: February 29, 2012

  • Atty. Dowelson M. Abalos
  • Atty. Alem-eman Chisum L. Abeya
  • Atty. Romeo L. Aguilar Jr.
  • Atty. Marah B. Alagon
  • Atty. Lemwel L. Alapit
  • Atty. Richard P. Aquisio
  • Atty. Jason B. Baban
  • Atty. Cora Leah R. Baccay
  • Atty. Gat Anthony S. Bagbagen
  • Atty. Jesus D. Balmores
  • Atty. Valeriano M. Banggolay Jr.
  • Atty. Sherwin G. Battung
  • Atty. Jayferson M. Bitao
  • Atty. Carlo Oscar P. Boacon
  • Atty. Aileen S. Bugnosen
  • Atty. Precious M. Cabradilla
  • Atty. Randy F. Castilan
  • Atty. Ana Cristina N. Cawed
  • Atty. Edward F. Chumawar Jr.
  • Atty. Jerry M. Daping
  • Atty. Corazon Regina E. delos Santos
  • Atty. Melanie M. Domino
  • Atty. Joecle R. Dongla
  • Atty. Mark Anthony P. Dumalan
  • Atty. Roda Raizza V. Garcia
  • Atty. Joseph R. Gonzaga
  • Atty. Sacrament S. Gumilab
  • Atty. Romelyn A. Kimayong
  • Atty. Augustin P. Laban III
  • Atty. Maria Andrea C. Lagundi
  • Atty. Charles Bronson B. Lang-ayan
  • Atty. Jan Karlo S. Lopez
  • Atty. Maribel B. Macario
  • Atty. Meshack C. Macwes
  • Atty. Rizzabel A. Madangeng
  • Atty. Imelda C. Manipon-Gabriel
  • Atty. Victor Manuel F. Morales
  • Atty. Julie Ethel Marie A. Nicer
  • Atty. Nova B. Ollaging
  • Atty. Julie Karen U. Paganaje
  • Atty. Elena Maye S. Quitola
  • Atty. Jules Carlson B. Sagayo
  • Atty. Rodolfo B. Santiago
  • Atty. Lurieta T. Sawate
  • Atty. Lerma M. Sumaoang
  • Atty. Aseria C. Turiao
  • Atty. Chanda D. Usita
List of 2011 Bar Exam Passers

List of UC Bar Passers

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April 07, 2014

Graduating Students Batch 2014

April 05, 2014

UC CTE partners with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

CTE qualified as an implementer of the GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN CULTURAL EDUCATION, a scholarship program of the NCCA, in cooperation with the Department of Education. This is a two-summer post-baccalaureate in-service enhancement program, divided into Level I (12 units for the first summer) and Level II (12 units for the second summer). Level I which is offered in Summer 2014, April 21 - May 17, 2014, offers four (4) foundation courses to enhance the participants' understanding of the basic theories, processes and applications of arts, culture, and heritage in the culture-based teaching of the Basic Education curriculum.

April 05, 2014

Certification Program in Preschool Education

This is a 9-unit program which is intended for teachers already in the field who wish to qualify for Preschool Education teaching as mandated by DepEd. This is also open to graduates of Teacher Education and to students currently enrolled who wish to take additional courses to qualify for teaching in Preschool.