New UC Program Offerings for SY 2012-13

April 29, 2012

The University of the Cordilleras will be offering new bachelor's degree programs starting this coming June 2012, that will cater to the changing professional needs of the Cordillera region, the whole country, and even in the global career market. These programs are designed to suit the current demands of specific industries that are gearing towards competency specializations even in the undergraduate level.

The new programs are as follows:

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management (BSREM)

BSREM is a 3-year program of practice-oriented curriculum designed to prepare graduates for a career in the field of Real Estate Management in various corporations in the areas of salesmanship, brokerage, appraisal and consultancy including the local government practice of assessors and appraisers.

Bachelor of Science in Forensic Accounting (BSFrA)

BS Forensic Accounting is a 3-year program applying science, technology and investigative techniques to determine and provide facts and evidence that are used to uncover fraud of illegal practices in the area of accounting, banking, property settlements, money laundering, scams, embezzlements, and other white collar crimes or unlawful activities. Forensic Accounting also provides evidence and analysis that are suitable to courts.

Bachelor of Physical Education

Major in School PE (BPE-SPE)

BPE major in School PE is a 3-Year program that provides teacher education training to meet the needs of basic as well as tertiary education to insure relevant physical education and sports programs. It prepares students to acquire the necessary skills, values and physical activity experiences in developing competent and effective teachers/instructors, sports coaches and sports coordinators in basic and tertiary education.

Major in Sports and Wellness Management PE (BPE-SWM)

BPE major in Sports and Wellness Management is a 3-year program designed to give students the option to pursue a career in physical education and sports, not in the educational field but in the growing trend of sports and wellness in corporate industry. BPE-Sports and Wellness Management program provides the necessary skills, values and physical activity experiences in developing competent and effective sports and wellness trainers, supervisors, managers and coordinators in the corporate world.

Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)

BPA is a 3-year degree program that prepares people in public administration and governance for the public interest. It aims to develop public servants with the required knowledge, values and skills to serve as professionals in government and civil society.

BPA prepares its graduates for technical and administrative positions in government, including Foreign Service and Civil Society. It is a good preparation for those interested in taking up law. Graduates can look forward to executive and policy-making positions in the government, both elective and appointive, as well as executive and policy-making positions in civil society organizations.

The BPA of UC is a ladderized program where at the end of 6 terms, a student may be granted Certificate in Associate in Barangay Governance.

For interested students, application forms for admissions are now downloadable through this link. Fill-up this form and bring this together with the other admission requirements during the schedule of enrolment. For entering freshmen, enrolment starts on May 2, 2012.

For more details, visit us at Gov. Pack Road, Baguio City, or contact us through (074) 442 3316 or

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