Student Services

Student Services is a network of offices that augment the academic operations of the University of the Cordilleras. They offer services and programs to complement a student's academicexperience. Social, cultural, and recreational activities provide many opportunities for studentsto get involved in university life.


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  • The Guidance Center

    Room S224, Science Building | Contact No.: 442-3316 + loc no. 139

    Counseling services are provided to students of the university by the professional staff of the Guidance Center. Personal, career, and academic counseling are available to assist students in adjusting to college life and in achieving academic success. Students desiring counseling are encouraged to take the initiative in seeking these services. All counselors are committed to honoring the confidential nature of the counseling sessions.

    Other services it offers are:

    1. Individual and group test administration of educational, psychological, and other appraisal measures;
    2. Student personal record interpretation and evaluation;
    3. Group guidance;
    4. Consultation services regarding counseling, testing, and student personnel work;
    5. Coordination and consultation services with recruiting agencies for the proper job placement of students;
    6. Practicum experience in counseling, testing, and other personnel work;
    7. Guidance services to graduating high school students from other schools; and
    8. Research and follow-up of guidance activities.

    The Guidance Center is at Room S224, Science Building. The office is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    Career Services

    Career Services acts as a link between the academe and the workplace. It caters to the developmental needs of the graduating students by referring possible employment opportuni­ties, career advising, holding career talks, and organizing UC Job Fair. For more inquiries, please contact or visit the Guidance Center.

    Faculty Consultation Period

    Classroom instructors are mentors after classes or duty hours. Students are welcome to ap­proach any of them as the need arises. Students who requests for consultation with a faculty member should make an appointment with the College Secretary. Each College provides a consultation room; hence, consultations are strictly done in the University.

    Medical and Dental Clinics

    Room S213, Science Building | Contact No.: 442-3316 + loc no. 142

    The UC Medical and Dental Clinics are located at Room S213 of the Science Building. They are open during school days from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and are manned by physicians, dentists,and registered nurses. Services are available to all UC students.

    Aside from conducting medical examinations, the clinics are also capable of rendering firstaid, dispensing over- the-counter medicines, and filling prescriptions.

    The Dental Clinic conducts dental examinations and may perform extractions when needed.Prescriptions may be given for continuous home medication to avoid secondary bleeding. Students will be charged extra for special dental materials used. Dental services are available Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Campus Service Center

    Room M101, Nursing Building | Contact No.: 442-3316 + loc no. 158

    • Book Store: The Book Store sells school/office supplies and groceries. It is located at Rm. M101 ofthe Main building along Harrison road. It is open from 8 am to 6 pm during school days.
    • Cafeteria: The cafeteria, which serves food and drinks through a self-service system, is located atRm. M101, ground floor of the Main Building and New Building. It is open from Mondayto Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The Cafeteria offers breakfast, lunch and snackitems. Particular care is given to assuring nutritionally sound, balanced offerings atreasonable prices. To maintain order and cleanliness, students are requested to returntrays, glasses and bottles, as well as throw disposable items into the appropriate trashcontainers. Additionally, all areas of the cafeteria should be used only for eating.
    • Photo Center: Photocopying services are available inside the libraries (for books which are for roomuse only), and at Rm. M105, ground floor of the Main Building.
    • Lockers: Student lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Lockers are locatedat the UC Covered court, First floor of the New Building and at the Legarda Building.Queries and reservations can be directed to the Book Store at Rm. M101 of the MainBuilding. The University may conduct random inspection of any locker.
    • Drinking Fountains: Filtered drinking water is available at the Cafeteria, student lounge, 5th floor of the Mainand New Buildings, entrance to the gym, near Rm. E209, 2nd Floor of the Main Buildingalong Harrison Road and near the Criminology and Architecture comfort room.

    Sports Recreational Services (SRS)

    Gym | Contact No.: 442-3316 + loc no. 134

    The Athletic Department's main function is to provide a venue for sports development and recreation in the campus. The department also engages in community projects related to sports development. The office of the Athletic Department is located at the Gym level.

    Focuses of SRS
    • Intramurals. These consist of sports competitions in the Inter-Department, Inter-Club, and Inter-Employee categories. The department provides the officiating pool for special events like Christmas Palaro and other sports fests.
    • Extramural. The Department supports the official University of the Cordilleras contingent to various off-campus sports competitions, including:
      • Baguio-Benguet Educational Athletic League (BBEAL)
      • The qualifying rounds leading to final competitions of the Palarong Pambansa under the aegis of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), as well as the Philippine National Games.
      • "Home-and-visitor" types of competitions
      • Competitions organized by the different National Sports Associations
      • Exhibition games during town fiestas and similar occasions.

    Student Lounges

    UC Covered Court

    The student lounges are located at the UC covered court.


    Main Gate, Room M400 | Contact No.: 442-3316 + loc no. 154

    Trained security guards who make regular pa­trol rounds throughout the grounds and buildings supervise the University campus. The Security Guards enforces rules, regulations and other UC policies for the protection of students and employ­ees. It also coordinates with the local police au­thorities and other emergency services and acts as a "first-line defense" or "first-wave reactor" in cases of emergency. The office of the Security Guard is located at the Main Gate of UC, room M400.

    Evacuation Drills

    The University conducts at least two (2) evacuation drills every school year. The drill may be announce or unannounced held at different times on random days during the school year. Un­announced drills are usually with fire/bomb simulation that may include generation of smoke, sound, and a mock rescue operation.

    Loss of Personal Property

    The University does not assume responsibility for loss of books, clothing, or other personal property. Students must be responsible for their personal property like cellular phones, school bags etc. Lost or misplaced items are surrendered to the Security Guards at Rm. M400 and are turned over to the Student Affairs Office.

    Report to Parents / Guardians / Benefactors

    The University, being an extension of the home and having been granted with substitute pa­rental authority, has an obligation of informing the parents or guardians of the absences and/ or offenses incurred by their ward for proper action. Parents will be sent a letter if the student:

    1. Has been referred or reported by their teachers due to their absences, or has incurred 5 accumulated or 4 consecutive absences;
    2. Has committed an offense indicated in the student handbook.

    The University may request the parents/guardians for conferences or consultation regard­ing their wards academic and/or behavioral conducts. Parents are most welcome to visit the University at any time to inquire attendance, behavior, or the academic progress of their child/ children.

    Online Services

    • Online Student Complaint Form
    • This online electronic form will facilitate any form of complaints from students or on students. Please follow instructions as stated in the form. All submitted complaints will be subjected to validation and confirmation.

    • UC Student Counseling Request Form
    • This online electronic form will facilitate requests for counseling, coaching, advising and guidance needs. Please follow instructions as stated in the form. All submitted complaints will be subjected to validation and confirmation. But if problem or concern requires immediate attention, it is advised that student visit the Office of Student Affairs (OSAS) as soon as possible.

    • Online General Comments and Queries
    • The Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) has an active messaging facility in Facebook. Access the OSAS FB Page, send a message and our staff will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.

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