Policies on Suspension of Classes During Inclement Weather/Typhoons

July 13, 2010

In cases where the suspension of classes is discretionary on the part of the University of the Cordilleras, classes shall be deemed on going unless otherwise announced by the UC administration. During inclement weather/typhoons and other disastrous occurences:

  • Undergraduate classes continue unless the UC President through media makes an announcement of suspension. This announcement shall be made before the first class in the morning.
  • In case the typhoon is announced in the middle of the day, undergraduate and graduate classes continue, unless an announcement of suspension is made by the UC President through the College Deans.
  • If typhoon Signal No. 2 is hoisted before the beginning of classes in the morning, graduate and undergraduate students should come to class unless told otherwise by CHED or the City Mayor through radio and television.
  • If typhoon Signal No. 3 or 4 is up, classes are suspended.
  • In cases of other disastrous phenomena like earthquake or severe flooding, etc., the UC President shall suspend classes even in the absence of a typhoon signal.

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August 04, 2016

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April 28, 2016

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