Schedule of Enrollment: 3rd Trimester SY 2012-2013

December 17, 2012

For Returning Students:

  • CAS, CTE, CITCS, CCJE : , January 8 to 10, 2013
  • CEA, COA, CBA, GS : January 11 to 14, 2013
  • CHTM : January 8 to 14, 2013
  • All Colleges : January 15, 2013

enrollment for CAS, CTE, CITCS, CCJE & CHTM

CollegeJan 8, 2013Jan 9, 2013Jan 10, 2013Advising RoomEncoding Area
CAS3rd Year2nd Year1st YearS229, S226M307
CTEMorning: 3rd Year
Afternoon: 2nd Year
Morning: 1st Year
Afternoon: All Year Levels
All Year LevelsS231, S233, S235M306
CITCS3rd Year2nd Year1st Year &
All Year Levels
S225, S221M304
CCJEAll Year LevelsAll Year LevelsAll Year Levels6th floor
Science Building
CHTMGraduating Students
& 3rd Year Block
2nd Year Block Sections1st Year Block SectionsLegarda

enrollment for CEA, COA, CBA & CHTM

CollegeJan 11, 2013Jan 12, 2013Jan 14, 2013Advising RoomEncoding Areas
CEAMorning: All Regular
Students (1st - 4th Year)
Afternoon: All 4th Year
All Year LevelsAll Year LevelsS114M304
COAMorningBlock Sections
Afternoon All Graduating
students (3rd Trimester)
3rd Year2nd & 1st Year Irregular
students & transferees
S230, S234M305
CBAMorning: Graduating Students(Last Term)
Afternoon: 3rd Year
2nd Years1st YearsM207, M205, M202, M204, M210M306
CHTMInternational Sections
1st Year & 2nd Year
Transferees, Shifters &
New Students
International Section:
3rd Year, Transferees, Shifters
& New Students
All Year LevelsLegarda
GSAll Year LevelsAll Year LevelsAll Year LevelsN8005

January 15, 2013: Enrollment for All Levels in All Colleges

Procedure for enrollment:

(CHTM students shall follow specific procedures posted at the Legarda Campus)

  1. Student prepares preliminary form (or block section form) and proceeds to the ADVISING ROOMS for advising of faculty adviser.
  2. Student goes to the GYMNASIUM as waiting area.
    (If there will be no queus, students will be directed to the encoding area)
  3. Student proceeds to the ENCODING AREAS for advising and encoding of subjects by FACULTY ADVISER, who will sign the preliminary form after encoding.
  4. Student proceeds to the THEATER for the following:
    • Payment at cashiers; student shows signed preliminary form to the cashier.
    • Printing of Registration Forms; students shows signed preliminary form and receipt to the MIS Staff.
    • ID validation; student shows signed registration form and receipt to the Library Staff.

    Student must keep REGISTRATION FORM at all times as proof of enrollment.

For freshmen, student proceeds to the Guidance Office for admission before proceeding to the encoding area.

For transferees, student proceeds to the Dean's Office for endorsement and must take exams before proceeding for admission at the Guidance Office.

For returning students who stopped for one term or more, student proceeds to Guidance Office for student info encoding before proceeding to the encoding area.

Admission for freshmen and transferees starts on January 7, 2013, but will have to follow the schedule of their respective colleges for enrollment.

Distribution of Grades starts January 7, 2013.

Classes start January 16, 2013

For new students, application forms for admissions are now downloadable through this link. Fill-up this form and bring this together with the other admission requirements at the Guidance Center starting September 3, 2012.

For more details, visit us at Governor Pack Road, Baguio City, or contact us through (074) 442 3316
or email us at

Subject Offerings for 3rd Trimester SY 2012-2013

*if applications cannot be opened click download Acrobat Reader and install.

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