UC Student Supreme Government Elections

August 14, 2010

The UC Student Supreme Government will be holding its general elections on August 14, 2010. All enrolled students are advised to follow the following rules and guidelines:<

p>Election Day Rules and Procedures

  1. The election is to be held at the computer laboratory rooms.
  2. Election time to start at 8:00 am to 4:00 p.m. August 14, 2010. All personnel staffing the precincts must report to work by 7:00am except those enrolled in the College of Law, where election time will start at 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Comelec personnel must be in by 2:30 p.m.
  3. Political party poll watchers must be presented for accreditation to the COMELEC twenty four (24) hours before the election day and must wear their Comelec- approved IDs.
  4. Student voters should be required to present their authenticated school ID cards issued for the first trimester of 2010-2011 complete with picture and signature of the respective student voters. The " NO ID - NO VOTE" policy shall be enforced unless, their identities as bonafide enrolled students are vouched for by the relevant faculty of the College at the poll. Other ID's will not be honored.
  5. The Warbird Security should strictly check IDs on the day of the election to prevent outsiders interfering in the conduct of the election.
  6. Faculty members will be requested to encourage students to cast their votes by allowing them at least fifteen minutes to vote thru from their classes.

Voting Procedure

  1. A student voter presents his/ her ID to the department Comelec chairmen or his representative for purposes of identification.
  2. A student assistant checks the name in the master list. In case the name is not in the master list, but Comelec is convinced that the student is legitimately enrolled in the department, he may be allowed to vote and his name and ID number will be added in the master list.
  3. In case a student has his/her name in the master list, but can only present an authenticated gate pass issued by the WARBIRD Security, he/she may be allowed to vote provided; he/she can present UC-BCF Library card.
  4. In case of doubt on the identity of the student voter the department
  5. Comelec will decide whether to allow the student in question to vote or not. The decision of the Department Comelec is final. However, the student voter in question must be written on a separate paper for that purpose
  6. When the student voter is properly identified and verified from the master list, the number of the official ballot to be issued be written and indicated opposite the name of the student voter in the master list. The student voter shall be required to affix his/ her signature opposite his/ her name in the said master list.
  7. The students then proceed to the voting place.
  8. The voter then goes to the poll clerk/faculty adviser and affix his/her thumb mark.
  9. In cases of computer aided voting, the Poll clerk, Faculty shall direct the student voter to his respective computer voting terminal to accomplish the electronic ballot form.
  10. The master list of voters together with the other election paraphernalia's are to be kept by the Departmental Chairman, who will in turn submit to the Comelec Chairman.

Canvassing of Votes and Proclamation of Winners

  1. The poll clerks starts the announcing or reading of votes when the tally sheets and the Blackboard recorders are in place.
  2. First names, misspelled names, as long as it sounds or rhymes with the name of a candidate entered in the position where he/she is candidate shall be counted in the favor of the said candidate. Combined first name and family name of two different candidates shall not be counted in favor of any of the two candidates with the name similar to the entered first and family name.
  3. The party watchers may have their own tally sheets to be signed by the Poll clerks after canvassing.
  4. Proper and accurate tally and summary sheets should be signed by Poll Clerks, Party Representatives, Year Level Adviser and Departmental Comelec chairmen after appreciating all the ballots and should be submitted to the Comelec Chairman.
  5. Where applicable, computer aided voting procedures shall be administered by the competent faculty assigned to ensure the integrity of the election. In such cases, the party watchers are authorized to observe the voting process, but are strictly restrained from campaigning for their candidates.
  6. Any protest questions must be properly recorded and documented but should not disrupt the canvassing unless said question needs the immediate action by the Departmental Comelec or the Committee on Election. In such cases, the decision of the Departmental Comelec shall be respected.
  7. Proclamation of winners in the department level shall be done two days after the general election and five days on the Pamunuan Level.
  8. Pamunuan winners shall be posted on the cork board/billboard near the SSG Office at Room S219B. Kalipunan and Sanggunian winners will be proclaimed by the department Comelec and the results shall be written on the show windows near the department office.
  9. Official protests if any may be filed in writing to the SSG Comelec for the Pamunuan Level, and to the Departmental Comelec for the Kalipunan not later than 5:00 p.m. of August 21, 2010 except, those in the College of Law. For the latter, the deadline shall be 9am of the same day.
  10. The decision of the SSG Comelec shall be final. The Student Affairs and the SSG Comelec is empowered binding to decide on election controversies not covered under these rules and procedures.
  11. The Student Affairs Office, and the SSG Comelec is empowered to decide on the election problems or matters not covered under these rules and procedures.
  12. The SSG Comelec may promulgate additional rules as the need arises and such need is not covered in this promulgated rules and procedure.

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