College of Accountancy

The College of Accountancy provides an educational program through which students can prepare themselves for accounting, accounting related endeavors, and increasing levels of responsibility in business and society. Graduates should acquire a broad liberal education, effective personal skills, a life-long quest for knowledge, and a global perspective that will enable them to contribute to their profession and to the world.



The College of Accountancy of the University of the Cordilleras was created in June 2001, accepting the responsibility for the management of the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) program from the College of Commerce which was renamed College of Business Administration.

The purpose of the establishment of the College of Accountancy was to elevate the quality of education of UC accountancy students and to improve the performance of the University in the licensure examination for Certified Public Accountants.

The first Dean of the College was Dr. Saturnino Y. Ebusca who served from SY 2001- 02 to SY 2002-03. He was followed by Ms. Rosa M. Allado, from SY 2003-04 to 2004-05 and then by Mr. Ramsay M. Colorado from SY 2005-06 to SY 2010-11. The current Dean is Dr. Felipe G. Balingit, Jr. who is also the Internal Auditor of the University.

In addition to its BSA program, the College started to operate the Bachelor of Science in Financial and Management Accounting (BSFMA) program in June 2004. A third program, the Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAcT) was offered starting June 2010.

Because the College operates in the trimester system, BSFMA and BSAcT are 3-year programs while the BSA program can be finished in four years. In addition, because of the commonality of courses in the first years of the programs, BSA students have an opportunity to obtain two degrees in four years: BSA plus BSFMA or BSAcT.

The performance of the College in the Accountancy licensure examinations has continued to improve over the years, with its passing rate continuously exceeding the national passing average. The College has also produced CPA topnotchers.

Mission and Vision


To design and deliver programs of the highest quality in accountancy and allied fields, preparing its students to become productive members of society as successful accountancy and finance professionals through the judicious and efficient use of resources, continuous review and updates of curricula, faculty development, research, community extension, industry linkages and networks.


A vital component of the University of the Cordilleras, providing excellent and responsive accountancy programs that involve a rigorous, thorough and relentless pursuit and advancement of knowledge utilizing academic personnel, facilities, and systems of the highest quality in order to produce accounting and finance professionals who will attain personal growth and global competitiveness, and contribute towards national development.


  1. Prepare students of B.S. in Accountancy to become Certified Public Accountants and have successful careers as competent statutory auditors, tax accountants, accountancy educators, government accountants, and other positions that require passing the accountancy licensure examinations.
  2. Prepare students of B.S. in Financial and Management Accounting to become accounting and finance professionals and have successful careers as management accountants, comptrollers, budget officers, finance managers, credit and collection officers, financial analysts, stock brokers.
  3. Prepare students of B.S. in Accounting Technology to become skilled accounting technicians and have successful careers as general ledger accountants, receivables accountants, payables accountants, properties accountants, inventories accountants, payroll and benefits accountants.
  4. Provide its students with a holistic approach to accountancy education that focuses on professional courses as well as personal development that imbibe sound moral values and ethical standards, competence, and integrity.

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Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam

  • 2nd Place - Raymund F. A. Escala, CPA
  • 4th Place - Mebielyn G. Lloren, CPA
  • 7th Place - Mark Alyson B. Ngina, CPA
  • 7th Place - Donald Mark Marcos Rapinan, CPA
  • 9th Place - Chester M. Pacio, CPA
  • 9th Place - Joselito A. Japson, CPA