Cross Enrollment

Regular Load

The approved curricula requires a normal load of 21 units per trimester


No student is allowed to go beyond the number of units stipulated per trimester. However, graduating students may be permitted to overload (24 units) during the last year in order to graduate with the batch. Overload requests are decided on a case-to-case basis.

To enroll for subjects in another school, the student must accomplish the following:

  1. Seek approval of your College Dean.
  2. Pay cross-enrolment fee at the Cashier; claim receipt.
  3. Submit cross-enrolment form to dean’s office and retain one copy as claim receipt for transmittal letter.
  4. Present validated claim receipt to Registrar; get transmittal letter.
  5. Present transmittal letter to the Registrar of school where cross-enrolling.
  6. Follow enrolment procedure of school where cross-enrolling.

A student is only allowed to cross-enroll in another school on his last term when a subject needed for his graduation is not currently offered, has been dissolved, or occupies a schedule in conflict with his current load.

Any student who cross enrolls in another school without prior authorization from the UC Registrar's Office will not be given any academic credits for the subject cross-enrolled.

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