Student Organizations

The University of the Cordilleras recognizes the importance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in attaining its institutional objectives.

These activities can be in varied forms, including athletics, literary-musical competitions, cultural activities,quiz shows, educational field trips, convocations, symposia, lecture-fora, seminars and workshops, debates, social activities like concerts, dances, bible study sessions, cooking demonstrations, exhibits, and participationin inter-school and community activities.

These activities provide continuity of the socialization process; create opportunities for students to enhance their leadership potential, and to develop the art and skill of good followership. They make students aware oftheir role in the campus and in the community.

Their proponents with the office of Student Affairs should coordinate co-curricular activities. The Administration, the Academic Council, the faculty, and the various campus organizations and clubs may initiate these activities.

Classifications of Student Organization

There are two (2) classifications of Student Organization: Academic and Non-Academic.

  • Academic Clubs are those organized by students of a college in relation to their fields of specialization.These clubs are extensions of the classroom, hence they are termed √ĄCADEMIC. Examplesare: Management Society, Political Science Society, History Club, ARCHON, JPIA, etc.
  • Non-academic clubs are organizations that are independent in nature. Not directly under a college/department, where the membership is open to all bona fide students of UC regardless of the collegeto which they belong. Their activities are more of the Extra-Curricular types. These organizations provideavenues for the enhancement of skills and attitudes that contribute to the total well being of the person, producing a wholistic individual. Examples of such organizations are: Debate Society, StudentCatholic Action, International Students Organization, etc.

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